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5th place in Tenerife!


We've just had such a good event here in Tenerife! Sick waves, wind and awesome job by the organizers. We went through the whole single and double elimination in two and a half days. I love the conditions here, some of the sessions I had were so good I couldn't come in. At high tide especially, there's heaps of good waves to ride, the wind isn't too strong so they stay clean, it's just so much fun.

I went through a few heats, getting good riding scores, until I went against Karin Jaggi. She beat me, leaving me with a 5th place. I'm happy about my result, it feels good to be in the top 5. I need to learn some proper jumping now though to be able to go further. That will be my mission from now on! Karin ended up 4th, Nayra 3rd, Iballa 2nd and Daida 1st. In the guys, Kauli did 4th, Jaeger 3rd, Dany 2nd and Philip 1st. They all sailed so well, it was great to watch. Very inspiring. I'm especially happy for Jaeger - his riding is just insane and he finally could show what he can do on a wave, and for Dany - he's the local legend, sailing sick too of course, and he made this event happen, without him we wouldn't be here!

Next week I'm off to Fuerteventura for the next PWA event. It's the last freestyle competition for this season. Looking forward to it and ready to rock!


PWA wave events, Pozo and Tenerife


Pozo didn't go too well for me in the end. It started well, did a good first heat in "normal" wind conditions - 3.7 just fine. Then the rest of the week turned into proper Pozo style conditions - 3.0 out of control and no idea what's going on. I got through a couple of heats but finished with a 7th place... Oh well, to be honest, I'm a total chicken with the jumping in these conditions. I gotta take the positive out of it, it was a good experience to get out there and even just to sit and watch the amazing show. The jumping that was happening there was totally insane. Massive. It's worth checking the videos and photos on the pwa website just to get a little bit of an idea of what's going on in that place.

We are now in Tenerife for the next PWA wave event that will take place in El Cabezo, from the 14th to the 20th of July. I've been windsurfing around here a bit but never on that spot until 2 days ago. I just came in from a 3 hour session, enjoying it a lot there. 4.2, lots of fun waves around, some good turns, the kind of conditions I'm comfortable in. So I hope I can do better in this event! Let's see what happens, I'm just looking forward to getting out there and catching some good waves!

The event will be live, so make sure you watch all the action on, it's proper inspiration!


News from Pozo and coaching weeks in Holland


Sorry for the lack of update since the Carribean events, I have been on the road a fair bit as well as enjoying some good windsurfing in the Canaries.

After some boardbags mission at the airport in Aruba the flight back was actually easy and this time my bags followed - lucky as I had 24 hours at home before taking off again for the next part of the summer: the Canary Islands. I flew to Tenerife to meet Simon. We stayed there for a week and got some fun waves. Really good to catch up with the guys there too. During that week we flew over to Gran Canaria for a day, for Nayra and John's wedding, which was awesome. Big congratulations to them both!!! They looked amazing and it was great to see everyone there. A couple of days later we went to Gran Canaria again, with the ferry this time. A nice wavey ride 35 knots winds...

So we're now in Pozo for the first PWA wave event of the season. The first day was pretty epic. The guys were trying to hold onto their 3.6's and I was on 3.0 overpowered. The waves were really good and the show was awesome. They ran the first 2 rounds of the guys single elimination and everyone was going massive. The following day was flat and a lot less windy. So I just went out to train a bit of freestyle. And yesterday was ok again for a little while, just enough to run the first round of the girls. I was against Sarah Bibby, an English girl who's here for her first event and sailing well. The wind wasn't too strong which I was happy about. I landed a couple of loops, got a few good rides and made it through to the next round.

We'll run the following rounds this afternoon I'm sure, the wind is pretty strong already, just waiting for the tide to be right so that the waves get better. I'm against Silvia next who sailing really well, let's see what happens, I'll just give it my best!

I'm running 2 windsurf coaching weeks in Brouwersdam, Holland, this summer, from the 8th to the 13th and the 14 to the 19th of August. The first week is open to everyone, guys and girls, and the second one is a girls special. There are a couple of spaces left in both weeks. Fancy stepping up your windsurfing with some intensive coaching and have a great time on and off the water for a week? Email me for more details or sign up directly onto!


2nd at the PWA Aruba Grand Slam!


The freestyle PWA Aruba Grand Slam is over and I finish the 2nd girls freestyle event of this year with another 2nd place!

Both Bonaire and Aruba were such great events, it is awesome that the tour has new events like these on its calendar. A big thank you to the organizors and everyone who made them happen!

I'm flying back home tonight for a day then off to the Canary islands. We will be based in Tenerife and go to events from there. First Pozo and Tenerife for the PWA wave events, then Fuerteventura for another freestyle event. Busy summer ahead! Looking forward to it all and to going back to Tenerife!


Day 3 in Aruba and a 2nd place!


switch kono
top 4 girls and guys
shove it spock

The wind kicked in properly today and we managed to complete the first single elimination of the event here in Aruba. I started with a sick first heat, landing all the best moves I can do. I then sailed against Yoli and had an ok heat, landing a shove it spock, switch kono, and so on, and advanced into the final with Sarah-Quita again. That heat was hard work. We had so much wake coming from all direction from the boats that we had some runs where it was just impossible to throw a move. The wind had picked up loads by then too, I could have easily been on 4.2 instead of 4.7. Sarah landed a sweet kono and some other really good moves. I crashed loads, did a couple of good moves too, but not enough to beat her. So I ended up 2nd one more time!
I'd like to win an event one day of course - that's why we're all here right? - but I'm always happy if I'm in the final. And I came very close to winning a few times now... I'm improving and one day I'll get it! Big congrats to Sarah for her 1st place and her amazing sailing - you're such an inspiration! - Yoli for 3rd and Xenia for 4th, and also to Steven who finished 1st in the men's elimination, Gollito 2nd, Kiri 3rd and Tonky 4th. Let's see what tomorrow brings, it looks like we'll get some strong wind and a double elimination done.

All pics ©John Carter / PWA. Check for more photos, videos and live action!

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