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Video of our final with Sarah-Quita in Bonaire


Check out the video of our final in Bonaire! It's from the live stream we had there, with Ben Proffitt, Bubble and Max commentating. Really cool to have the live stream at the events, a lot of people are watching it. I watched the whole of the Vietnam men's freestyle event when it was on last February, couldn't take my eyes off the computer! And I can't stop laughing with Ben Proffitt as a commentator. Perfect. Make sure you follow the events on!




judging platform

Here we are, in yet another amazing place on this planet, Aruba!

The next PWA Tour's freestyle event on the list has started. We sailed yesterday but unfortunately the wind wasn't good enough to start the competition. Today's not great so far either, but it can always improve during the afternoon so we're on stand by. The forecast looks better for the next few days and I'm sure we'll get some good action out there and run at least one elimination.

Pics ©John Carter / PWA

few boardbags to get to the next event...
flying between islands
the event site


2nd place at the Bonaire PWA freestyle event!!!


5 days of competing here in Bonaire, 2 single and 2 double eliminations, 4 finals with Sarah-Quita, and a 2nd place for the first event of this year's PWA tour!

I'm really happy about the way it all went. First of all this place is amazing. Perfect freestyle conditions, warm water and beautiful island. The event organization and the atmosphere on the beach were great too. And I finally managed to put together some really good heats and land the moves I can land when freesailing, instead of crashing the moves I do eyes closed when training because I can't focus and handle my nerves. So I am definitely very happy about that. It gives me a lot more confidence and fingers crossed I can keep on this track for the next events.

Yesterday was the last day of the event and we finished the second double elimination. The final with Sarah was amazing. We both had the best heats ever and landed sick moves. Shove it spocks, switch konos, 1h funnels... Sarah also did a double spock and a normal kono. We pushed ourselves as far as we could and everyone on the beach loved it. It was such a good feeling to sail a heat this good!!!

Sarah took 1st place, I'm 2nd and Yoli 3rd. All the other girls sailed really well too. There is a whole new crew of girls out there who are very young and keen to learn, it's great to see the new generation pushing!

We're all flying over to Aruba tonight for the next PWA freestyle stop which start on Sunday the 19th, until Thursday the 23rd. I have never been there and really look forward to finally seeing this famous place.


Standby day in Bonaire


Enjoying the evening - Xenia, Arianne and me
Flamingo - I just love them

Despite an early start this morning we only managed to run another 2 heats of the second double elimination today. The wind then dropped off and took the day off.

A nice and relaxing day in Bonaire, ready now for more action tomorrow if the wind decides to kick in again.

Keep an eye on the pwa website to follow what's happening here in Bonaire! Live action, videos, photos, it's all there:

Pics ©John Carter / PWA


Some shots of today in Bonaire


John Carter has just uploaded his pictures on the pwa website. There are some really, really cool ones, you should definitely go and check them out on the pwa website. Action, lifestyle, it's all there and looking great.

Thought I'd post a couple of them here, as well as some by Jan Wachtemeester.

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