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Fanatic and North photo shoot
Egyptian outback
I think my cat Fredo wants to do some travelling too...

I have just spent a few amazing weeks in Dahab. After a bit of a slow start the wind kicked in properly and pretty much didn't stop until the end. We made the most out of it, heading out for early sessions every day and getting lots of quality and uncrowded time on the water. I trained hard, getting pushed by all the local rippers, and learnt a lot.

Beside all the great windsurfing, it was really good to spend time and share special moments with my friends there. The people there make what Dahab is to me, a special place where I always feel like at home and get looked after.

So much happen over those few weeks. A few of many highlights were for a start having my little brother and sister with me for a week; then the trip to a secret and very remote spot with some local friends - one of the most peaceful and amazing place I have seen (don't bother trying to find it, only Bedouin people can get there); all the early morning sessions with no one out beside a few of us and perfect windsurfing; all the amazing Egyptian and Bedouin meals, hiding behind the sail rack or sitting around the fire; the Dahab Festival was awesome too- the freestyle contest and tow in session were run really well and heaps of fun!; the North and Fanatic photo shoot, during which we got some awesome shots and definitely lots of laughs; and let's not forget the 958 cups of Egyptian tea with the crew at the Planet centre... A big thanks to everyone making all these moments happen.

It was hard to leave, but I will be back for more!


Dahab - here we are again!


After a nice and busy month at home in Switzerland, I'm back into freestyle training mode.

As usual it's great to be back in Dahab and see everyone again.

Got straight back into it with 3 super windy days right at the start, followed by 3 days of nothing. Considering the level of soreness it isn't that bad actually! Using this quiet time to get my little sister back into windsurfing, go on snorkeling and camel expeditions, and do everything I haven't had time to do over the last weeks.

The wind is meant to pick up tomorrow again. I'm definitely ready to get out there again and work on some new moves! As usual when I come back out here all the guys have improved heaps. It's really good to be out there with them and learn from them.

Will keep you updated with photos and hopefully some video clips soon.

PS: for those who'd like to sign up for the coaching weeks in Holland this summer (see news below and flyer above for more details), be quick to do so as it's filling up really quickly!


Up North for New Year


First of all I wish everyone a very happy New Year and hope you all had a great Christmas!

We were still in Esperance when it started to look pretty promising for up north. We made the most of our last day in Esperance with a fun surf in the morning followed by a bit of windsurfing - just playing around in light winds and small waves. We decided to hit the road that evening so that we would make it to Geraldton in time. There's over 1100km between them, so after a short stopover in Perth we drove straight up north, stopped for a sail in Green Head on the way, and ended up in Geraldton in the evening.

We sailed heaps again, in Coro's mostly, which is always awesome fun when there's a bit of swell around. I was on 4.2 and 3.7 every day all day long.

As a welcome into the new year the swell picked up and we woke up on the first of January hearing the sets breaking at Sunset. With Sunset only working with a big swell we knew it was on!

I surfed for hours that morning, so happy. The sea breeze kicked in late morning. I rigged up my 4.2 and used all I had left in me to catch as many more waves as possible. Some of the sets were lining up really well.

I was having so much fun I just couldn't come in. But when tacking is turning into a difficult move I know I'm close to exhaustion... I was on a pretty big one when I flamed a top turn. I thought I'd saved it but no, I got smashed by the lip which threw me right on top of my gear. Pretty painful. So I decided it had to be my last wave that day before I'd hurt myself more.

By then we had windsurfed and surfed for hours and hours every day for 2 weeks straight, making the most out of each day. It's just the best feeling.

The drive back was pretty quiet. Sitting in the van, smiling and processing a pile of amazing times. Stoked.


Down South for Christmas


Although you'll hear quite a few people complain about the lack of conditions in Western Australia this summer, I'm just loving it big time and getting plenty of time on the water.

We've had so many good days up and down the coast. Lancelin - head high to logo high and cross off at South Passage. Geraldton - epic few days about a month ago at Coro's. Margaret River - light wind and really good fun riding. Sick freestyle on the river in Perth. Surfing in Wedge, perfect wakeboarding in Augusta. Yeah we do drive our fair share of km's, but who cares when you keep scoring good days...

Putting in the driving hours...

Just before Christmas a big cyclone hit the north, bringing a ridiculous amount of rain to the north west coast and flooding Carnarvon. The town got submerged by the biggest flood in 50 years. The river level reached 8 meters and very sadly local people lost pretty much everything. With the roads up there being obviously shut so driving north for Christmas wasn't gonna happen.

Then the south started to look good for a few days. We got to Esperance on Christmas Eve. The whole area is just amazing - unreal colors, sick surfing and windsurfing. We only just got there and were driving along the beaches looking for a wave when I spotted the biggest group of dolphins I ever saw. There was at least 50-60 of them, playing and surfing waves just down the cliffs. A good start of the day...We checked a couple of spots and ended up going for a surf at 4th beach. It didn't look that good to start with but as soon as we paddled out clean sets started coming in. We had an amazing surf . We went out again for the late session, the wind had turned a little onshore and the surf wasn't quite as clean, but hey, we were pretty much on our own out there, paddling in crystal clear water and catching loads of waves. Couldn't ask for more!

4th beach
our little mates
4th beach

The following days the seabreeze kicked in. Quite a few of the other guys drove down and everyone was having a great time. We windsurfed 4th beach and 9 mile. Had another great surf. Had this amazing dinner and Pricey's - his whole family plus 15 of us all sitting at this big table inside a warm house and eating awesome food, which actually felt like a proper Chirstmas dinner.

I just love these trips with a bunch of good mates, camping, windsurfing, surfing, loving life.

Big thanks to Emily for the windsurfing action pics below! Wishing you a quick recovery, wanna see you out there soon!

Christmas camping style
Christmas camping style
Christmas dinner at the Pricey's


Switzerland to West Oz - Home to home



After the last PWA event of the year, Sylt, I spent 10 days at home in Switzerland sorting out my stuff and mainly catching up with everyone, family and friends. Precious moments and great memories.

I've now been in Western Australia for almost a month and it's just like being at home. It's so good to be back. I just love it and there's nowhere I'd like to be more than here.

Switzerland and Australia are very different places, as far away from each other as they can be on this planet and still, both feel like home. Lakes, mountains and snow in one, ocean, desert and waves in the other... I love it all and am happiest in either.

Don't get me wrong though. Traveling the world is amazing and I appreciate my luck to be able to see so many places and meet new people every day. All this traveling is a unique experience and I wouldn't swap it for anything.

But being on the road for over 6 months also makes you appreciate home. Which is exactly what I'm doing at the moment.

Scotty's truck
Ben & Si - spending too much time together

I've been back in Western Australia for almost a month now, and all the days I've had on the water were sick. Not one rubbish day.

Scored a few days at South Passage with uncrowded glassy waves. Got Avalon working with about 4 of us out there, unexpected and great fun. An awesome weekend up in Green Head with Si, Ben, Scotty and Juso, forward loops contest, big jumps and big crashes (Si definitely won that one with the biggest crash I've seen in a while). We also had a few freestyle sessions on days without swell. The best one at Pelican Point, 4.2 stacked, flying on my Skate, some big moves and crashes too, so much fun I couldn't come off the water.

It's so good to be back, cruising along the coast looking for wind and waves or chilling at home.

Sorry, no action photos. With reefs 2km out it's a bit difficult.

the West Coast
Djé & Pov - weekend at the chalet...
Nat & Laure - weekend up at the chalet...
Welcome home Si! Jenna's amazing cakes

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