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Holland - the Elevate Girls Camp & The Mission


I’m back from 10 awesome days in Brouwersdam, Holland, and finally collected a few pictures of both the Girls Camp and the Mission to write a little report.

Here's the story...

I got back from Greece, spent just enough time in Switzerland to wash my clothes, repack my boardbags, and ready to fly to Amsterdam.

With the plane jumping about like hell during the whole flight, I knew way before stepping out on Dutch land that the wind was on.

We got to Brouwersdam early enough on Sunday to squeeze in a quick session before the girls signed up for the camp would start arriving. I rigged up 4.2 and went out for a good freestyle session, the first proper windy day I’d had in quite a while. Good start in Holland!

All the girls slowly started to arrive and we got to meet each other around dinner.

There were 12 spaces for the week and all of them booked, perfect. The girls came mostly from Holland, but also from Switzerland, England and Norway. To make things even better, we had a special guest, Robin, to spend the week with us for some male support and local knowledge...

The week whole week went really well, it was windy pretty much the whole time and if it wasn’t quite windy enough to be planing, we were out on the water doing light wind freestyle. All the girls were doing amazing, spending hours and hours on the water every day, not scared of the cold, rain or putting back a cold and wet wetsuit after lunch! They were so motivated to train and learn as much as they could, really great to see!

I enjoyed that week a lot. It’s always so rewarding to see people come out of the water with happy faces and smiles on!

Then it was the weekend of the MISSION, 7th and final edition...

330 people signed up for the race – kids, boys, girls, men, women, everyone was there, ready to windsurf, race and just enjoy one more time the legendary Mission! The wind was perfect for racing. It just dropped as we were going out for the Battle of the Giants, the freestyle super session, but the jetski and 2 boats were ready to tow us so no worries!

The tow in was really good fun, going full power and throwing some moves in no wind. The show with Tonky and Gollito was simply unreal. Massive air funnels, burners, culos, I just felt like sitting on my board and watch! There will be videos coming out soon I'm sure, make sure you check them out!

Saturday night was also a very good one again. The place was absolutely packed! BBQ, then lottery with loads of sick prices to win - a 2011 Fanatic board, sail, boom, boardies, boardbags, and much more. Lots of people got spoilt there!

Then the night went on… awesome party, music and people!

On Sunday the racing kept going, another tow in freestyle session in the afternoon, the prize giving and another big lottery…

Yeah, it was such a good event again!!!! Well done Herman and everyone who was part of it and involved. Windsurfing definitely needs more events like the Mission!!!


Windy Holland!


We've been here in Brouwersdam for a couple of days now for the Elevate Girls Camp and it's been windy the whole time!

12 super motivated girls are taking part to the camp, windsurfing all day and going for it, and and it's real good fun to be here with them. The pictures are screen shots from the video of today, sorry about the quality. Will definitely get some good ones this week and keep you updated.

The forecast looks really promising for the whole week, all the way till the weekend. Looks like it's on for the Mission!

The Mission is happening this coming weekend and you really don't wanna miss it... Hope to see you all here!


Elevate Girls Camp Holland - 1 space left!


There's just 1 space left for the upcoming Elevate Girls Camp in Holland! If you have nothing planned from the 15th to the 20th of August and wish to enter, email us quick via the contact form on

The camp is opened to all the girls and ladies out there. It includes 5 days of windsurf instruction and accommodation for 5 nights with half board. Don't hesitate to drop me an email more information:


New Coaching Weeks in Rhodes for this Summer!


Nothing planned for September yet? Feel like learning new moves or simply take your first steps on a windsurf board?

Check out the flyer below, you might be interested!

The Pro Center and I have planned 2 new coaching events for September 2010 in Rhodes: the "Trick Week" from the 6th to the 11th and the "Open Week" from the 13th to the 18th.

During the first one you will learn all the moves you wish, from carving to aerial freestyle. If you can use the harness and footstraps you're in!

The second one is open to everyone, with no minimum level required.

Both courses include 4 hours of tuition per day, with on water coaching, video analysis and theory sessions.

Price for the 6 day course: 195€

Price for 7 day rental at the Pro Center: 195€

Please contact me if you'd like more information about the coaching. Places are limited so be quick to book your week at!


From islands to islands


Once the Girls Camps in Rhodes were over I took the ferry for my next coaching stop: Kos.

It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the place. Kos is an amazing island full of character, colors and beautiful spots.

I was based at the Kefalos windsurfing and sailing center, right in the middle of Kefalos bay. If you're looking for a windy flat water spot and a chilled but professional windsurfing centre you can go straight there! For freestyle, freeride and slalom, or just for your first hours on a board, it's a really perfect place.

I ran two 3 day courses there and both went really well once again. Happy guests and lots of fun and improvement on the water.

Thanks to all my guests for making me enjoy the coaching so much and a big thank you to Jens, Ben and Charlie for their smile and the great job they do at the centre! I'll be back soon. And thanks Adonis for the pictures.

I flew back from Kefalos on Thursday night. Luckily my little brother was there to pick me up and handle the drive back in the early morning hours. I got a day and a half at home, just about enough time to wash my clothes and organize my boardbags, and it was time to go and check in again for my next destination, Gran Canaria.

It's Canarias time again, with the PWA freestyle event in Lanzarote starting next week, and the PWA wave event in Pozo from the 6th to the 9th of July.

Nayra picked me up from the airport a few hours ago and I'm now sitting at her place in Las Palmas. We just finished loading her van with all our stuff, ready to jump on the ferry tomorrow, off to Fuerte, then drive up north and grab another ferry and get to Lanzarote. And that's just the beginning of this summer story, the European road / island trip has started!

I will keep you posted on how it goes of course. The freestyle event starts on the 30th and the forecast looks alright. Fingers crossed this year will go better than last year! I'll do my best that's for sure. Trying to go there relaxed and to sail as good as while free sailing. And if I can do that it's a good start already...

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